Rudy Giuliani Isn’t the Big Trump Legal Story

By David A. Graham

Sometimes the biggest news items on a given day aren’t the most telling ones.

Consider three stories on Thursday about President Trump’s legal issues. First, Bloomberg reported that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein told the president last week that he is not a target of either special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation nor of a separate investigation in Manhattan that produced a raid on his longtime fixer, Michael Cohen.

A few hours later, Rudy Giuliani, the former New York City mayor, U.S. Attorney, and presidential candidate, said he was joining Trump’s legal team, telling The Washington Post, “I’m doing it because I hope we can negotiate an end to this for the good of the country and because I have high regard for the president and for Bob Mueller.”

Both of these stories were flashy, especially the Giuliani hire. More interesting and relevant, perhaps, was an announcement that Jay Sekulow, who heads Trump’s personal legal team, made at the same time he announced the Giuliani hire. Sekulow said that Marty Raskin and Jane Raskin, a husband-and-wife team of criminal-defense lawyers, would also be added to the president’s team.

The first two stories both suggest swagger on Trump’s part. The White House has …read more

From:: The Atlantic


Will Andrew McCabe Be Prosecuted?

By Adam Serwer

Andrew McCabe, the former deputy FBI director and frequent target of President Trump, who was recently fired days short of retirement, has been referred for criminal prosecution by the Justice Department Inspector General. Although former prosecutors described the referral as routine, it comes in the context of McCabe’s extraordinary status as a frequent scapegoat for the president’s legal woes.

“Any IG report that includes conduct that anyone could ever think is criminal or worrisome will get referred for the U.S. Attorney to take a look. I would be quite surprised if the U.S. Attorney presses charges here, but the more important point here is it’s a routine referral,” Harry Litman, a former deputy assistant attorney general and a law professor at UCLA, said. “It follows as a matter of course from an IG report finding a certain kind of fault that could have any potential criminal conduct involved.”

A recent IG report found that McCabe “lacked candor” in his conversations with internal investigators about a fall 2016 story, which confirmed the existence of an ongoing probe of the Clinton Foundation during the presidential election. McCabe has said he was acting to defend the Bureau’s reputation, but the IG report …read more

From:: The Atlantic


The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: Baby Steps

By Elaine Godfrey

Today in 5 Lines

  • The Senate confirmed Jim Bridenstine, a Republican congressman from Oklahoma, to serve as the new NASA administrator. Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth, the first sitting senator to give birth while in office, brought her newborn baby to the floor to cast her “no” vote.

  • The Justice Department’s inspector general reportedly referred its findings on former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe to the U.S. attorney’s office for possible criminal charges.

  • Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani told The Washington Post that he has joined Trump’s legal team dealing with the special counsel’s investigation.

  • Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s official portrait will cost taxpayers $85,000, which is more than his three predecessors combined.

  • Miguel Díaz-Canel will succeed longtime leader Raúl Castro as Cuba’s president.

Today on The Atlantic

  • The Buck Doesn’t Stop There: Dumping President Trump won’t actually get rid of the GOP’s problems. Here’s why. (Conor Friedersdorf)

  • Why Do Trump’s Defenders Assume He’s Guilty?: Allies of the president have made some peculiar comments over the past few days. (David A. Graham)

  • A Shared Problem: The focus on James Comey, Michael Cohen, and Stormy Daniels might pose a serious threat to Republicans in the midterms, but Trump’s personal …read more

    From:: <a href= target="_blank" title="The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: Baby Steps” rel=nofollow>The Atlantic

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Why Do Trump’s Defenders Assume He’s Guilty?

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