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Unstoppable: The Ron Paul Revolution Continues

Ron Paul achieved a huge victory in South Carolina, a state that showed itself increasingly receptive to his message of

  • cutting the budget by $1 trillion the first year,
  • auditing the Federal Reserve,
  • saving the dollar,
  • ending the income tax,
  • preserving Social Security,
  • guaranteeing a strong national defense,
  • working towards a sensible, pro-American foreign policy and
  • reminding the federal government of its defining purpose: to protect our liberties.

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Ron Paul’s Surge: Faster than Ever Before

Thanks to the hard work of his campaign staff, grassroots supporters, donors and SuperPACs, Ron Paul managed to more than triple (+259%) his percentage share of votes cast in South Carolina, from 3.62% in 2008 to 13% in 2012:


The number of votes cast for Ron Paul ballooned as well, more than quadrupling (+383%) from 16,155 votes in 2008 to 78,093 votes in 2012:


These results make South Carolina the state where Ron Paul has achieved the biggest rate of growth for his campaign so far.

In Iowa, Ron Paul had increased his percentage from 9.93% to 21.45% (+116%) and his number of votes from 11,841 to 26,219 (+121%).

In New Hampshire he had increased his percentage from 7.8% to 22.91% (+194%) and his number of votes from 18,308 votes to 56,872 (+211%):



Ready for more growth? The rate of growth itself keeps growing too.

Compared to the 2008 campaign, the percentage of votes cast for Ron Paul grew by 116% in Iowa, by 195% in New Hampshire and by 259% in South Carolina.

Ron Paul’s number of votes grew by 121% in Iowa, by 211% in New Hampshire and by 383% in South Carolina:


Victory Is Within Reach!

Ron Paul’s message of freedom, his ardent base of supporters and his continuing surge even in states like South Carolina put him firmly on the track to winning the nomination.

The next stop is Florida on Jan. 31, where Ron Paul received 3.23% or 62,887 votes in 2008. Could there be a surprise brewing in the Sunshine State?

The weeks after Florida bring Ron Paul to three caucus states where he is expected to do very well: Nevada (13.73% in 2008), Colorado (8.42% in 2008) and Washington state (21.64% in 2008).

Let the marathon begin!

Photo by Gage Skidmore


Rick Santorum Campaigns As True Conservative In South Carolina

Rick Santorum has visited South Carolina more than any other candidate hosting Town Hall meetings across the state. Enjoy this video montage of recent campaign events where he has shared his vision for America.

Rick Santorum’s message to South Carolina Voters in the GOP Debate in Charleston, SC on 1-19-12 – South Carolina, you’ve been told in the past you’ve got to settle for a moderate because they can win. And you said — when the last time we had a situation like this in 1980, you said: No, we’re going to take the strong conviction conservative, and you voted for Reagan before Reagan was the Reagan we knew. Vote for the one who can do the job that America needs. Vote for me.


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