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Using Teen Peer Pressure to Take the Nomination

The brilliance of Bernie’s campaign to take the Democratic nomination away from an actual Democrat. His entire campaign is focused on turning out teens. He refers to it as a large or huge turnout. I’ve jokingly called him the Pied Piper of Vermont but today I’m offering up some research for those who have forgotten what it was like to be a teen.Peer Pressure

Those huge Bernie rallies we’ve been watching since he entered the race, they aren’t in the usual venues where candidates speak to the core of the Democratic Party. Instead, he speaks at High Schools and Colleges. He excites, much like his alter ego Trump, he excites the crowd mentality and relies on peer pressure to turn out the teen vote. And yes, I think Gloria Steinham was correct even though it’s not P.C. to say that girls follow the boys.

When I was 17 rallying for Gene McCarthy, all I knew was that he was against the war and Everyone I hung with wanted him so bad it hurt. I had absolutely no idea what, if anything he had done or believed in. I just knew he had to be President. My folks wouldn’t let me go to Chicago or I might have got my head bashed in by a cop. He might have been great. He may have been everything we thought. But my reasoning was actually not reason. My intense pain over Chicago ’68 was due entirely to my teen need to belong.

One study using MRI scans on adults and teens showed that their brains reacted very differently to the presence of friends when making a decision. It found that teens who would not take risks when alone or with an adult were far more likely to take risks when their friends were watching. The scans showed that the reward center of the teen brain became much more active in the company of their peers.” from Mentalfloss

Then there’s this from Scholastic

In a study funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), teen volunteers played a video driving game, either alone or with friends watching. What the researchers discovered was that the number of risks teens took in the driving game more than doubled when their friends were watching as compared to when the teens played the game alone. This outcome indicates that teens may find it more difficult to control impulsive or risky behaviors when their friends are around, or in situations that are emotionally charged.

With an Ohio judge ruling that 17 year olds can vote in next Tuesday’s primary, the likelihood of Sanders stealing the Democratic nomination from Mrs. Clinton is now a very real possibility.

A Rant in Support of Hillary

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Sometimes, the most thought provoking words come in the form of a stream of consciousness rant. On Facebook even!

My old friend and colleague in the blog wars of elections past, Darlene Craviotto, stumbled into my chat with a member of my extended family. I had posted the H> photo taken at Hillary Manchester, NH and was being asked about Hillary and her platform. But, I was in the midst of a conference and had lousy WiFi so Darlene put into words so much of what we Hillary supporters are thinking. Herewith the text of Darlene’s rant for sanity.

We begin with the original FB timeline.. ed

….. I think she needs to step it up some,many don’t know her platform
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Darlene Craviotto They have been trying to eat her up since she first arrived on the scene 30 years ago. As to her platform?! Don, would you like to field this one?
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Don Schwartz Can’t right now Dar. Lousy WiFi
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Darlene Craviotto Ok, sorry, I just can’t keep my mouth shut or my fingers from typing…Hillary’s platform is based upon the Four Fights: 1) Building an economy for tomorrow, 2) Strengthening America’s Families, 3) Defending America and our core values, 4) Revitalizing our democracy. The 411 on each of these goals is listed here: https://www.hillaryclinton.com/the…/economy-of-tomorrow/ Click on the website link and you’ll find each one of these “four fights” listed at the top of the page. Click each item and that will take you to the specifics where Hillary spells out the “To-Do” list of why that fight is important and how she will work to accomplish winning that fight. I can’t think of one candidate who is being more specific about what his (yes, that’s the only pronoun to use with the other candidates) platform would be if he was elected. Not one. I’m hearing a lot of rhetoric that plays well to most of us Democrats, but absolutely no specifics. Except from Hillary. Did you read the ideas she presented yesterday about her plan to reduce student debt?
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Don Schwartz Woohoo thanks Darlene Craviotto
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Here is the great rant.. ed.

Darlene Craviotto You know, Don, I don’t like to talk politics. I’m not a political person, but Hillary has had so much shit thrown at her, and she is someone who has done so much for this country. I was not a fan in 2007, but I found myself using excuses like, “She doesn’t seem genuine; she doesn’t seem warm enough. She’s cold, ambitious…” And I heard myself thinking those things and I felt like every negative word I was using to describe Hillary was something I had heard or read in the media. I decided to look closer and to read deeper – I read about her background, her early years, where she went to school, what her dreams were, what her jobs were, what she’s done with her life since she left college. I also read personal statements from people who had encounters with her, constituents she dealt with when she was a senator. Some of these accounts were other politicians who gave her high marks, but the testimonies that meant the most to me came from everyday folks, just regular people – the common man and woman. What those people said about Hillary is what won me over. She got my vote and she’ll get it again. And yes, I guess she’ll even get me to write a few words, on her behalf. And believe me, I am not political.at.all. End of rant.



Hillary Logo at Manchester Office








Darlene Craviotto writes at http://darlenecraviotto.com/

A Better Future

At the Republican National Convention, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan outlined their plan for a stronger middle class and their vision for the future. They were joined by Republican leaders throughout the country who will join with them in restoring our nation. Working together, they are committed to securing the promise of America for the next generation.

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