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    Thank You Bernie

    I love Bernie, what he stands for and most of all, how he has singlehandedly changed the conversation. He has forced most of my party to adopt his vision. He has succeeded despite failing at legislation. Bernie Sanders’s vision is now our vision and it requires new messengers to succeed His vision for America is now mainstream and I hope one day my grandkids can visit the Bernie Sanders memorial on the National Mall. But. You knew the but was coming. But he is a messenger, not a doer. He is a superb rabble rouser, not an administrator. His message is clear but repeated for so long that our minds are…

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    Rewriting Headline Writers Subtle Attacks on Hillary

    The press has almost always gone negative on Hillary or more likely used the opposition talking points against her. Just one example from today and my thoughts on how the subject should really be reported. And by the way, it is well known that negatives always attract more reads. It has always been far easier to knock someone down than to build them up.   The original from the Guardian and a screen cap Hillary Clinton declared winner of Iowa caucuses by razor-thin margin Clinton struggles with youth vote despite campaign’s efforts to show lighter side, as Bernie Sanders wins 85% of voters under 30 and majority of those under…

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