1st CD: Pappas earns Democratic nod from crowded field
State Senate results: Woodburn claims victory after write-in challenge
Newport man dies in Route 103 crash in Sunapee
Gatsas, Chynoweth to square off for Executive Council seat
Manchester cop unchains bike, gives it to wrong guy
Town-by-town votes for the 2018 primary
Negron leads close GOP primary in 2nd Congressional District
Former state senator to challenge Gov. Sununu in general election
Bradley easily wins GOP primary; Boutin defeats Kuch
Merrimack County: Hilliard, Halvorsen win GOP primaries for sheriff, county attorney
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The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: Special Featured

By Elaine Godfrey Written by Elaine Godfrey (@elainejgodfrey) Today in 5 Lines After reimposing sanctions against Iran, President Trump warned in a tweet that “anyone doing business with Iran will NOT be doing business with the United States.” On the sixth day of Paul Manafort’s trial, his former deputy, Rick Gates, described how Manafort skirted […]

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Jim Acosta’s Dangerous Brand of Performance Journalism

By Todd S. Purdum The verb to accost comes from the old French that meant “to sail up close to a ship or a shoreline.” CNN’s Jim Acosta lived up to his patronymic (which has comparable coastal roots in Portuguese and Spanish) when he confronted White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders with guns blazing […]

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The Ultimate Betrayal of Paul Manafort

By Franklin Foer You know what would be surprising? If Rick Gates and Paul Manafort had suddenly suspended their apparently deeply ingrained habits of fraudulence and thievery during the three months they ran the Donald Trump campaign. Other chapters of their recent history—the chapters bracketing the campaign—include alleged episodes of witness tampering, lying to federal […]

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Congress Finally Can Tell Hemp From Pot

By Olivia Paschal Hemp is currently a Schedule I federally controlled substance, in the same legal category as LSD, heroin, and Ecstasy. Like all forms of cannabis, it was criminalized in 1970, partially because Congress was worried that law enforcement couldn’t tell the difference between hemp and marijuana. “There was tremendous biological understanding of the […]

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What Rick Gates’s Testimony Means for Manafort—and Trump

By David A. Graham Robert Mueller cultivates a reputation as a staid, even dour, man of the law, but the special counsel’s team isn’t above a bit of courtroom showmanship. Last week, prosecutors trying Paul Manafort in federal court in Northern Virginia suggested they might not call Rick Gates, Manafort’s former partner and protege, to […]

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The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: Gates-Crashing

By Madeleine Carlisle Written by Madeleine Carlisle (@maddiecarlisle2) and Olivia Paschal (@oliviacpaschal) Today in 5 Lines Rick Gates, Paul Manafort’s longtime business partner, testified in the fifth day of Manafort’s federal trial that the two men committed crimes. The first set of U.S. sanctions on Iran prompted by President Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear […]

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Trump’s War With the Koch Brothers Makes No Sense

By Dick Polman It’s plausible to dismiss the current feud between Donald Trump and the mogul Charles Koch as merely an alpha-male ego-fest—in the words of the journalist and Koch-watcher Jane Mayer, “a plutocratic pissing match” for control of the Republican Party. Trump turned up the heat last week when he tweeted that the scion […]

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There’s Nothing Wrong With Black English

By John McWhorter The Nation recently published a poem in which a homeless narrator speaks a complex, nuanced variety of English with a long and interesting history. The variety of English is Black English, and the poet is Anders Carlson-Wee, a white man. In the wake of the controversy, The Nation’s poetry editors have appended […]

Fear and Anxiety at Refugee Road

Fear and Anxiety at Refugee Road

By Jeremy Raff There are roughly 3,000 immigrants from Mauritania in Columbus, Ohio. They came to America fleeing persecution and slavery in the West African country. For years, ICE allowed even those with failed asylum claims to remain in the U.S. “Since Donald Trump has become president, more than 50 people I know have been […]

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What Did the President Just Admit?

By David A. Graham In an attempt to defend his son Donald Trump Jr. on Sunday, President Trump may instead have incriminated him—and himself. Responding to a Washington Post report that he is increasingly concerned about his eldest son’s legal exposure, the president denied that claim in a tweet Sunday morning: Fake News reporting, a […]

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The Utility of White-Bashing

By Reihan Salam When I was a teenager, I occasionally affected a sort of absurdist faux-racial militancy, declaring myself the Generalissimo of the Most Serene Popular and Revolutionary Democratic Republic of Brooklyn, a breakaway statelet committed to Afro-Asian revolutionism. I asked my best friend—who was white, incidentally—to serve as minister without portfolio, and he happily […]

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