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    September 10, 2001

    A refreshing fall day The cold war was over Democracies were popping up all over the globe Gas was under a buck fifty a gallon Despite our 2000 election, optimism was running rampant The www was blossoming, giving the oppressed their first ever view of the freedoms other’s enjoyed It was a glorious time to be alive but… Gas was under a buck fifty a gallon! The oppressed were getting their first ever view of the freedoms other’s enjoyed Not a glorious time for the Saudis and their cartel partners Nor the drug pushers of the oil industry Or the slavers of young teen brides The question of the day…

  • Bernie and Liz
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    I Love Bernie….but

    Elizabeth is the Doer I love Bernie. I love how he has single handed pushed the Democrats left. Bernie is an icon, a Buddha in our history. A Gandhi. Bernie is a visionary but Bernie is not an implementer. He so reminds me of many software innovators with brilliant ideas who needed to step aside and let others move their vision forward. Think Eric Schmidt and the two nerds who founded Google. Do you know who Dan Bricklin is? Ever even heard of him? Dan Bricklan invented the spreadsheet. His VisiCalc was the product that made the Apple // a viable business tool and the rest is history. Dan Bricklan…

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    Thank You Bernie

    I love Bernie, what he stands for and most of all, how he has singlehandedly changed the conversation. He has forced most of my party to adopt his vision. He has succeeded despite failing at legislation. Bernie Sanders’s vision is now our vision and it requires new messengers to succeed His vision for America is now mainstream and I hope one day my grandkids can visit the Bernie Sanders memorial on the National Mall. But. You knew the but was coming. But he is a messenger, not a doer. He is a superb rabble rouser, not an administrator. His message is clear but repeated for so long that our minds are…

  • Warren speaking in Windham NH
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    NewHampster for Warren

    No longer conflicted, I’ve thrown my support to Elizabeth Warren. This website will continue to cover the entire democratic field, but Warren is who we will be supporting with our writing, feet and phones. She is a brilliant strategist, has been fighting for us her entire life and has a truly inspiring story to tell. Plus, she has actual plans, well thought out plans to solve the myriad of problems that the current administration will be leaving behind. What a trash heap he will leave! The next president needs to be more than a dreamer, more than a populist, more than a believer in Democratic ideals. The next President needs…

  • Marianne Williamson
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    Marianne Williamson

    Dang, I’m so conflicted. I’m so glad that so many brilliant women are running yet the choice is so hard. I know I have time to commit, but I live in NH where the campaign is well under way and my feet and phone are needed. I need to be out there. I was… ready to signup with Kamala. I truly feel she is the strongest and most qualified candidate by any measure. Then I actually listened to Marianne on Pod Save America. I thought she was a distraction, a spotlight grabber, but then I listened and followed up by reading her story. Who knew she’s Jewish? Who knew her…

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    I Miss America

    I miss America, Land that I loved, Stood beside her, and held her Through the night with a light from above. From the mountains, to the prairies, To the oceans, white with foam I miss America, My home sweet home I miss America, My home sweet home FacebookTwitterReddit

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    NewHampster’s Daily Grump for Friday the 13th

    Puerto Ricans are not covered by the Bill of Rights! We have two classes of citizenship in this ” all men are created equal country”. They have their own Constitution and Bill of Rights, similar to ours but are expressly not covered under ours. FacebookTwitterReddit

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    ​Polling at 6% alongside Stein at 2%, I wonder if my @govgaryjohnson supporting friends really want history to view them as the people that elected Trump? Wouldn’t you rather be seen as the 6% that saved the world from fascism. Intelligent Americans,  know that compromise is what makes us great. We got here by taking 3 steps forward, one step back. Not by taking 3 steps back. We all suck it up for the greater good as we push this ungainly democracy forward. Yeah, democracy and freedom take work because freedom isn’t free. Don’t give me the “voting my conscience” stuff. We saw what that can do in 2000 to…

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    It’s 2020 and Press Debate What Happened To Their Freedom

    One day in the not too distant future…. Four “journalists” sipping Trump Bourbon in the piano bar inside the Smithsonian’s President Donald J. Trump Institute of Tweets(known as The TiT). The TiT is the largest museum on the mall, having displaced the old Washington Monument, which as you know fell during the super quake of 2018. an aside… many scientists on the illegal underground GreenNet feel certain that frakking under The Whitehouse caused the quake… but I digress The “journalists”, all white males, were debating the end of press freedoms with the Make America Great Again(MAGA) laws of April 1, 2017. (the MAGA were based on the Ukrainian Anit-Protest laws…

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