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Get Over It! Not a Chance

Get Over It

I’m giving it a day, maybe three, before “get over it, you lost” begins to show up in our feeds. Not this year or next you dumb ass Marks.

Yes, Marks. The targets of a con job. In this instance, a spectacular 40 year con with the end game of creating a legal basis for minority rule by a patriarchal aristocracy of wealthy sons of wealthy sons of wealthy sons. It is simply about money. It’s more than maintaining country club memberships and paying the upkeep and salaries for their super yachts, five homes and servants. They want their children and their children’s children to enjoy the same lifestyle in future dollars. Legacy is the term that comes to mind. They believe in and want to restore the old aristocracy, where bloodline is all that matters.

Anyone who thinks it’s about religion or race or gender or guns has fallen for the con. Both/all sides of those issues and all the other little wedges. All of us have fallen for the greatest con in history.

We are all Marks, but intelligent, nay, liberal thinking people have the sneaky ability to learn from our mistakes. We learn from history. We actually admit, address and learn from our failures. Entrepreneurs call this “failing up”.

Smart business people also don’t ignore new technologies or paradigms that are coming to destroy decades or centuries old business models. The truly smart ones embrace the new and sometimes even become that which destroys their old model.
So no. I won’t get over it any time soon. I intend to learn from failure, tear down the old and build a better product.

America was never great. The America we know would not exist without slavery and genocide. Your wonderfully free America, the America that’s been really good to my family, that America has always been a con. And America has failed.

The “Great Experiment” is a failure that needs to be torn down and rebuilt with a better model. Completely, utterly from the ground up.

I won’t get over it. I’m going to change it.

Note: this post was originally published on and I’ve copied it here unedited. The post was written in response to the Kavanaugh week. The week when the GOP completed their 40 year effort to obtain minority rule of the U.S.A.

I Miss America

I miss America, Land that I loved,
Stood beside her, and held herAmerican Flag
Through the night with a light from above.

From the mountains, to the prairies,
To the oceans, white with foam
I miss America, My home sweet home
I miss America, My home sweet home

Florida Condo Life Under Fascists

Been at my mother’s condo for nearly two months and wanted to share something from this morning.

I’ve been hanging under the canopy by the pool and managed to become acquainted with another cigar smoker who spends most of his day out there. He and all his friends are trumpists. I got it all out in the open the first day after the election because I didn’t want to sit at the next table grinding my teeth. No fights. We’ve just had an adult discussion or two but generally talk about Ubering and the weathkeep off grasser. So…….

I should preface with some background. The gated complex and golf club is a 70’s built condo with 50’s rules and regulations that are still enforced. No motorcycles on the property, period. No RV’s except to unload then leave. Shower before entering the pool and signs still say women must wear bathing caps. You get the drift. Each small grouping of buildings has it’s own council and bosses who really bask in the glory of their positions. But it is truly a wonderful and well maintained place after all these years.

Today, 3 of the guys are there with whatshisface and I sat way at the other end of the patio. The local Boss, community President and rep to the main condo association etc. Well she came in, walked over to whatshisface and told him he has to stop taking the shortcut, walking through the bushes to get to the patio. He should use the paths like everyone else. This is a true case of landscape architects designing for pretty rather than how and where people actually approach from. She goes on about the cost to all for replacing damaged shrubs, blah blah blah. He resisted the tyranny saying the path towards his building makes perfect sense and she said he would be hearing from the association. I was loving every minute of my eavesdropping.

She huffed off.

15 minutes or so later after I got sick of them yacking about the wall and how high it should be and what they really want to stop the Mexicans. Yes, they don’t expect a wall, but do expect higher security. I did not tell them that republican budget cuts were the real problem that FAUX News didn’t mention.

I walked up to odd looks, got whatshisface’s attention and asked him where his lady friend went? He says, “her, she’s a pain in the ass”. I calmly said “Welcome to Fascism”, put my hand on his shoulder and said, “get used to it.”

I walked off without looking back


​Polling at 6% alongside Stein at 2%, I wonder if my @govgaryjohnson supporting friends really want history to view them as the people that elected Trump? Wouldn’t you rather be seen as the 6% that saved the world from fascism.

Intelligent Americans,  know that compromise is what makes us great. We got here by taking 3 steps forward, one step back. Not by taking 3 steps back. We all suck it up for the greater good as we push this ungainly democracy forward. Yeah, democracy and freedom take work because freedom isn’t free.

Don’t give me the “voting my conscience” stuff. We saw what that can do in 2000 to give us W. My personal beliefs have always been to the left of Bernie, yet I understand that I share this land with 300 million others who may be as strong in their opposite beliefs as I am in mine. 

If you truly have a conscience, use it Tuesday to show the world that the United States of America is indeed the conscience of the free world. 

The covenant of America, the smooth transition of power rests on the mutual respect of the fact that all people are created equal and are given an equal fighting chance to leave the world a better place for their grandchildren. 

Stand with us. Stand with her for civility. Stand for America. Stand for all people’s in the constant struggle to just have a pleasant life.

#ImWithHer #HillaryClinton #strongertogether @hillaryclinton @govgaryjohnson

It’s 2020 and Press Debate What Happened To Their Freedom

One day in the not too distant future….

Four “journalists” sipping Trump Bourbon in the piano bar inside the Smithsonian’s President Donald J. Trump Institute of Tweets(known as The TiT). The TiT is the largest museum on the mall, having displaced the old Washington Monument, which as you know fell during the super quake of 2018. an aside… many scientists on the illegal underground GreenNet feel certain that frakking under The Whitehouse caused the quake… but I digress

The “journalists”, all white males, were debating the end of press freedoms with the Make America Great Again(MAGA) laws of April 1, 2017. (the MAGA were based on the Ukrainian Anit-Protest laws

Press Drink

Drowning their regrets for helping Trump

It is a common debate amongst academics, historians and other’s who somehow manage to avoid the thought police, even in public places. I’m told that they speak in an language similar to pig latin but actually derived from emojis. Journalist one says, “(ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง ” and two replies “﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿ O’RLY?” while three holds his tongue :-X and four expresses some confusion o_O or O_o …. (゚Д゚)

Colon dash left parenthesis

The debate translated:

Some scholars think that “impartial” “journalists” reporting on the last election of 2016 gave the candidates equal respect, thus assisting President Trump to his great ascension to the throne.

Exiled researchers at the University of Nova Scotia attribute the Trump landslide and the end of freedom to a masterful marketing professional who went by the name of The Donald. The Donald, or His Highness, laid down a subconscious marketing strategy for nearly two decades which caused the entire press corps, even liberal leaning ones, to unknowingly support his efforts to achieve his takeover of The United States. They also have evidence that the Democratic party’s nomination of a powerfully speaking woman was instigated by The Donald and his partner Karl Rove. These expatriate researchers refer us to the papers of Sigmund Freud and the natural, male distrust of the mother figure. Two unfailing, brilliant strategies came together as a tidal wave of support for His Highness, Donald J. Trump.

But the consensus of a small but loud segment of journalism academia argues rather strongly that one Hillary D. R. Clinton is solely to blame. She, they argue, insisted on speaking about the boring issues and needs of regular people who it turns out only want to be rich and pay no taxes. She completely misread the American electorate of 2016, thinking that they actually cared about their neighbors, family and distant relatives.

#imwithher #strongertogether

Countdown to the Election

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