The New Hampshire Primary

To the political junky who has experienced NH, there is no greater thrill.  Twelve to eighteen months and sometimes 24 of non-stop, hand shaking, baby coddling, speech making and actual stumping.  New Hampshire’s Presidential Primary is one of the few opportunities to experience old fashioned, door knocking, feet on the ground politicking.

Then there is the little known fact of NH.  If you want to meet every candidate and every future President of The United States, come to NH for our primary.

New Hampshire is different.  There is a great reason for the continued success of the first in the nation primary.  We are not won or conned by high priced TV advertising.  We expect and demand that candidates meet with us in small enough groups to look us in the eye while answering the hard questions.  And the candidates themselves love it.  We help them refine their pitch, testing one line in the morning in Rochester and a new twist that afternoon in Londonderry.

But we are not just about the primary and this site is scouring the web to bring all New Hampshire political news under one roof.  There is always plenty of news too, since it is almost impossible to get things done in our state.  Yes, I mean it’s impossible to get things done politically.  You see, we have the 3rd. largest legislature in the English speaking world.  We are a little state with just over 1.3 million souls with a New Hampshire House of Representatives comprising 400 reps from 103 districts.

According to Wikipedia

If the same level of representation were present in the U.S. Congress, that body would have approximately 99,000 members, according to current population estimates. Members are paid a salary of $200 per biennium, as are New Hampshire State Senators.

But hey, the reps don’t have to pay tolls in the state and they get special license plates.

New Hampshire is an oddball and we love it.  Maybe we don’t love the blackflies and mosquitoes but we love our mountains, rivers, lakes and coastline.  We love living in an environment where politics is almost always at the top of everyone’s radar.  A place where people were talking about the 2008 Presidential campaign as early as 2006.

A place where every citizen has the opportunity of shaking the hand of every future President of the United States of America.

This site is an attempt to be a single location for all things politically New Hampshire.  We will try to be non-partisan but offer no guarantees and do plan on editorializing periodically.  When we write our own opinions you will know it.

Enjoy and please let us know if we are missing anything.


Donald Schwartz
Owner, Publisher