Bernie and Liz
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I Love Bernie….but

Elizabeth is the Doer

I love Bernie. I love how he has single handed pushed the Democrats left. Bernie is an icon, a Buddha in our history. A Gandhi. Bernie is a visionary but Bernie is not an implementer. He so reminds me of many software innovators with brilliant ideas who needed to step aside and let others move their vision forward. Think Eric Schmidt and the two nerds who founded Google.

Bernie and Liz

Do you know who Dan Bricklin is? Ever even heard of him? Dan Bricklan invented the spreadsheet. His VisiCalc was the product that made the Apple // a viable business tool and the rest is history.

Dan Bricklan is a visionary and hero to software people like me. But as often happens in software, first or even best doesn’t always win the game.

First Lotus with 123 took the spreadsheet market and made it a real business game changer, followed by Microsoft Excel years later. Mitch Kapor(Lotus) and Bill Gates got the vision done.

Bernie is an incredible visionary but not very good at implementation and I will forever honor him. Elizabeth Warren is the doer and teacher who can team build, plan, sell, then implement the vision

Don is 43 year Londonderry resident (eek), blogger, techie entrepreneur, Moodle eLearning consultant, lover of face to face networking and political door knocking.