Marianne Williamson
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Marianne Williamson

Dang, I’m so conflicted. I’m so glad that so many brilliant women are running yet the choice is so hard. I know I have time to commit, but I live in NH where the campaign is well under way and my feet and phone are needed. I need to be out there.


I was… ready to signup with Kamala. I truly feel she is the strongest and most qualified candidate by any measure. Then I actually listened to Marianne on Pod Save America.

I thought she was a distraction, a spotlight grabber, but then I listened and followed up by reading her story. Who knew she’s Jewish? Who knew her spirituality is absolutely not about religion? And she has that “thing”

Bear with me as I think through this.

1 She is undoubtedly an inspiring speaker
2 She’s a revolutionary rather than incrementalist 
3 She’s a Jew. She might just take tRumps Jewish voters who, religious or not, see a Jewish president as important as people of color saw Obama.
4 She’s a woman and a mother
5 She’s a flower child of my times (67 years old)
6 She has no political baggage
7 She’s basically AOC but older and wiser
8 She’s started and runs a large organization 
9 She’s brutality honest

1 She’s white 
2 She’s brutally honest

Gaaaaa! In 2008 and 2016 I was 1000% Hillary by May. I still think Hillary is sitting on a divided convention to acclaim her after 2 ballots.

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