What’s on Congress’s Legislative Agenda?

By Michelle Cottle

Congress is back from spring break and looking at another six-plus months until the midterms. But in terms of pursuing a serious legislative agenda, the session is more or less over.

As Hill folks well know, any pet project that didn’t get jammed into the $1.3 trillion omnibus funding package that passed last month is unlikely to get far between now and Election Day. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is already having night terrors about a big blue wave sweeping the countryside. There’s no way he wants to subject his members to legislative squabbles that could further complicate their electoral fortunes. Speaker Paul Ryan, meanwhile, just announced his retirement, so look for the House to get even more fractious. (Will the conference let Ryan keep the gavel until he leaves or demand leadership elections asap?)

Heck, Congress isn’t even pretending it will adopt a budget resolution this year, so you can guess the odds of it managing to, say, reform the flood-insurance program or the Farm Bill. As for meatier issues like immigration, criminal-justice reform, or infrastructure investment: Look for those to make progress right around the time Nancy Pelosi volunteers to oversee construction of Trump’s border wall.

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From:: The Atlantic


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