The Next Steps for ‘NeverTrump’

By Seth Mandel

NeverTrump began not as an insurgency but as an act of conscientious objection: We were Republicans who would not vote for Trump even if he won our party’s nomination. He did, and we didn’t, and that was that.

Or so I thought. Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton changed the calculus. Now, our fellow Republicans repeatedly tell us: “The election’s over—move on.” Democrats, meanwhile, tell us our mission is really just beginning. Where they’re both wrong, however, is where most people in this discussion are wrong. It’s not about the president anymore.

My initial verdict on the election was that it was more or less a quirk: Trump won in spite of being Trump. But it’s clear to me now Trump won because he was Trump. That is the alarming reality of my party, because what distinguished Trump from his 16 Republican primary opponents was his outrageousness. There’s no such thing as Trumpism. What there is, instead, is a set of incentives Trump followed to the nomination, a sort of cheat code. And his victory threatens to magnify those incentives a hundredfold.

Conservatives used to stand athwart history shouting stop; now they run alongside history gleefully yelling, “Hit ’em again!” Hit who? Racial …read more

From:: The Atlantic


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