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The Smart Kid Wins Debate

Bernie and HillaryThe so-called journalists only attack her and hold her to a much higher standard. She studies and prepares, so she has answers for everything and doesn’t have to stumble like Bernie did with Putin. You may not agree with her on everything, but you know there is solid thinking behind her decisions.

Held to a higher standard, because she is a woman. Takes longer to tinkle because she is a woman. Has detailed answers for all issues, not just a couple, because she is a woman who studies and prepares. Cares deeply about women, girls and families because she is a woman. ‪

She is the girl in the front row who raises her hand on every question and pisses off all the boys because she is such a hard worker and so damned smart.

Today, I am even more with Hillary Rodham Clinton and look forward with glee to the first general election debate.


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image credit: CNN

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