Answers needed

If he wants District 7 voters to take his state Senate bid seriously on Nov. 6, Republican candidate Josh Youssef has a lot more explaining to do. The questions surrounding Youssef and his candidacy are many and important, so important that the leaders of his own party have called on him to explain.

Court records show that Youssef owes his 9-year-old son $17,000 in support payments for under-reporting his income. The candidate says he’s paid all he owes and more. Where does the truth lie? Court filings also say that Youssef owes the IRS up to $50,000 for failing to pay taxes in several years. Youssef claims he is “in good standing” with the agency. What does that mean? Were penalties waived? Fines paid? Is he on a payment plan? Because he’s running for a high public office, voters have the right to know.